Sponsor Spotlight: Lombard Bros Gaming

1. Favorite driver? (Other than Ryan Sieg of course) Zachary: J.J. Yeley  Joseph: Daniel Hemric

2. Favorite Track on the NASCAR schedule? Zachary: Daytona  Joseph: Daytona

3. About how many races have you attended in person? Zachary: 6 because I am usually driving classic cars on the weekend. Joseph: 50 which includes all series.

4. What do you think NASCAR could do to make the sport better? Zachary: Since I am into classic cars it would be fun to watch classic car series. Joseph: Take Cup drivers out of the Xfinity and Truck series completely

5. Name 1 track you would like taken off the schedule  Zachary: New Hampshire  Joseph: New Hampshire

6. Name 1 track you would like added to the schedule  Zachary: I really don’t know since, being a classic car guy, I am just now learning about NASCAR  Joseph: Laguna Seca

7. Do you enjoy stage racing or do you prefer no stages?  Zachary: I am volunteering at the Driving Museum on the weekends so I couldn’t say.    Joseph: I enjoy it.

8. Do you like the concept of the chase and current points structure?  Zachary: I am volunteering at the Driving Museum on the weekends so I couldn’t say  Joseph: Yes

9. If you aren't watching NASCAR what Motorsport would you watch? Zachary: I would love to see classic car races.  Joseph: Indy car

10. What is your favorite sport other than racing? Zachary: Baseball   Joseph: Baseball

11. Favorite sports team? Zachary: Los Angeles Dodgers  Joseph: Los Angeles Dodgers

12. Leaving this last one open for you to tell us about yourself, your company, what people might find interesting about you, or anything at all you want to say. This is totally up to you and can make as long as you want. 

Zachary: As for myself, I am high functioning autistic (Asperger’s Syndrome) I am a very quiet and private person so when I began live streaming for Lombard Bros Gaming it was difficult for me at first but it also helped me open up a little more. Joseph and I can answer about the business together. I have an interest in vintage items such as radios, watches, video games, and most of all classic cars. I enjoy volunteering in many areas such as Walk Now for Autism Speaks, March of Dimes, Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, donating Easter Baskets and Christmas stockings to our local hospital for the last 10 years, etc. My weekly volunteer activity is that I volunteer at the Automobile Driving Museum every weekend where I have the honor of driving visitors to the museum around every Sunday in some awesome classic cars

Joseph: I am very outgoing and enjoy being with people. Interesting things? I enjoy go-karting and volunteering in many ways from making Easter Baskets and Christmas stockings for our local hospital for the last 10 years.as well as walks from Walk Now for Autism Speaks to March of Dimes, Crohns and Colitis Foundation. I donate to many charitable organizations and try to help others the best I can.

Business: Lombard Bros. Gaming began about three years ago. Joseph and Zachary had a young fan, Jacob Wilhelm, whose parents contacted us asking if Joseph and Zachary would call Jacob on his birthday. They did and their dad (Chris Lombard) spoke with Jacob’s parents. Chris was so impressed with Jacob, who happens to be autistic as well as the boys, he said we should do something with gaming for special needs where someone like Jacob would not be booted from a game. Next came Alejandro Hernandez, another big fan of Joseph and Zachary’s. As they say, the rest is history. It seemed like this was the path we were to take since they are both high functioning Autistic individuals. Zachary diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and Joseph on the spectrum.

After much discussion we knew we wanted to create an online gaming channel which would allow all ages and skill levels an opportunity to game without being booted because of their age or skill levels. A place where they would not be booted. In fact, someone will be booted for intentional wrecking before someone who needs a place to gain more experience, and not be bullied for lack of skills.

We are still very small business and really began based on Joseph’s YouTube channel (N2SC4R mature audience) but we are gradually growing and Zachary (MAGNUM05) has begun his livestreams on his Twitch and YouTube channels as well. Lombard Bros. Gaming has been very blessed in the past year becoming a sponsor for Ryan Sieg Racing. We could not be happier and happy to be a part of Ryan Sieg Racing, where the entire team has been awesome. We look forward to growing with the team in sponsorship as well as friendship. Class act group.

We welcome everyone. All we ask is for them to show respect to others. If someone doesn’t have a game we invite them to come chat with us. Friendships are being built at Lombard Bros. Gaming.

To find out more:

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